We are a partner of many OEM and TIER companies in the automotive sector, for which we act as the sole interlocutor in the development of innovative and complete projects, from co-design to the supply of ready-to-assemble components.
The in-depth knowledge of the products and the specialized skills developed in this sector allow us to always identify the best solution in terms of production process and functionality, contributing to the optimization of the finished component.



  • Standard and variable oil pump bodies and covers (also electrical)
  • Water pump bodies and covers (also electrical)
  • Actuator bodies and covers
  • Multifunctional engine front covers
  • Engine mounts
  • Balancing bodies


  • Steering columns
  • Steering boxes
  • Components for wheel supports and shock absorbers
  • Tie rods
  • Train components

Electric and Thermal

  • Motors for electric vehicles
  • Electric aggregates components
  • Thermal system components

Transmission and Braking System

  • Gearbox forks
  • Bodies and covers for braking systems
  • Belts system components


Electrification is a process that has long been applied to all automotive components: electric oil and water pumps, actuators, micromotors, electric steering, electronically controlled anti-vibration mounts, and many others.

Tecnopress has supported customers in developing this innovation by acquiring fundamental know-how and applying it effectively.

Electrification as an enhancement and replacement of the endothermic engine with the electric one has led to the development of new generations of modules and aggregates.

With previous experience in both industrial electric motors and general electrification of automotive components, we have expanded our product range with components for:

  1. Automotive electric motors
  2. OBC – On Board Charger
  3. Air shock absorbers with electronic control

Hydrogen technology has brought new technical and quality requirements and additional challenges to die casting, which we have been able to meet by designing and producing among other things components for hydrogen recirculators.