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Social and Environmental Responsibility

The concept of sustainability for Tecnopress is one of the key aspects around which its activities revolve and which permeates the development of all projects for our customers.

Environmental and energy sustainability, which is realized in the production of renewable energy thanks to photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the company and in the recovery of foundry waste that are reused, when possible, or disposed of in full compliance with the rules and the ecosystem. In our company energy efficiency systems for all the production processes and for the heating and cooling of environments have been integrated. In addition, we have an effective system for recycling the water used in production that allows it to be recovered, treated, and used again in the production processes.

Ethical sustainability and social responsibility, whose focus is on the well-being of all the workers in the production chain, to ensure a safe working environment that protects the physical and psychological health of the workers, providing opportunities for growth and development of their potential. In addition, our company is committed to maintaining strong ties with its local area, as well as fighting all forms of discrimination, to make the work environment a place where diversity and meritocracy are respected.

Sustainability of the supply and financial chain, thanks to which we want to support our customers in achieving the desired results through the development of economically sustainable projects, while ensuring availability and maintenance of the necessary production resources for supply, stability in the application of standards and constant innovation. Fairness with all members of the chain and clear communications and statements are fundamental to the management of all our company’s activities.