Engineering and Supplying of Solutions
for your projects of excellence


Tecnopress expresses its partnership with customers through its two divisions, which are dedicated respectively to engineering consulting and to the supply of aluminum die casting solutions, working in synergy to transfer a consolidated method and give shape to complete projects.

Our method is based on deep technical and engineering skills and translates into three macro-services:

  • New Project, the development of innovative projects through co-engineering and the application of a transversal know-how resulting from the experience gained in multiple sectors.
  • Optimization, the re-engineering of the component to optimize its production performance and increase the customer’s marginality.
  • High Quality Supplier, the supply of high-quality aluminum die-casted components, ready to be integrated in the production line.

Each project is coordinated by a Tecnopress team who operates as a department of the customer’s company: a strategic collaboration that allows to create a path of evolution oriented to the achievement of concrete results.

The Departments of our Company
Technical department
Experience and specialized skills allow the professionals of our technical department to design die-casting and trimming tools, equipment for the machining of castings and for the complementary finishing and process control, which meet the required quality standards. All this is possible thanks to an in-depth study in co-design and casting simulations, which anticipate possible criticalities to solve them in the design phase. We have the most advanced prototyping and simulation technologies that allow us to optimize all aspects of production and the yield of the finished product. A protected data transmission system guarantees a rapid and safe information exchange to protect customer confidentiality. Based on the given needs, our technicians are able to identify the most suitable type of finishing for the production of castings and the technologies to be applied, so as to contribute to an impeccable result.
Our production area gives shape to tailor-made projects of excellence thanks to a cutting-edge machine park that is constantly updated and to the periodic training of the operators. CNC machines and the latest generation of automation systems allow for an optimal and constantly monitored process management, guaranteeing reliability and high performances. A streamlined structure and the experience gained in many fields of application ensure the ability to meet every need, thanks to die-casting processes that optimize the casting according to the machining and subsequent production steps, so as to exploit its full potential. We can process any type of aluminum alloy and guarantee the best combination of selected alloy, heat treatment and geometry, so as to ensure savings and excellent performances.
Quality Department
In order to guarantee an impeccable product in line with the required standards, quality monitoring is carried out at every stage of the production process, starting with the verification of raw materials. During production, the most up-to-date technologies for optical control are used and the products are subjected to leak tests and tests that verify their mechanical properties and functional and dimensional characteristics. The entire production is examined in the appropriate metrology rooms, where our qualified staff, using the latest generation of instruments, verifies dimensions, tolerances and surface finish, producing detailed reports.
Machining and assembly
A large area of the company is dedicated to precision machining, which is carried out internally on CNC, lathes, and automated transfer machines. In collaboration with external partners of proven competence and reliability, we carry out heat treatments, coatings, surface finishes and specific processes based on the application needs of die castings: the same type of product can be made with different levels of finish depending on the needs, thus combining versatility of supply and optimization of time and budget. Through our division dedicated to assemblies, we supply finished and semi-finished groups ready to be assembled in the customer’s production line.
Die maintenance and tool parts
We have a department dedicated to the maintenance and repair of die-casting and trimming tools. In order to always guarantee the highest production quality, after the use of a tool, we clean it and carry out an in-depth analysis to determine if maintenance is necessary. On the basis of a report drawn up jointly by a cross-functional team (foundry, quality, technical department), we define the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities that the tool needs and we proceed to carry them out: in the first case we intervene directly with the verification and optimization of the tool parts; if, on the other hand, major modifications are required, we interface with the tool maker who made the tool. After undergoing the necessary interventions, the tool is once again available for use.