Tecnopress Obtains UNI ISO 45001 Certification

Tecnopress Obtains UNI ISO 45001 Certification

03 July 2024

The UNI ISO 45001:2018 “Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements and guidance for use” represents the international standard that defines requirements and usage guidelines for occupational health and safety management systems.

Tecnopress Obtains UNI ISO 45001 Certification

This standard provides a framework to reduce risks and promote the well-being of workers, thereby improving the health and safety performance of organizations that choose to certify under accreditation.

We spoke with Alessandro Ferrari, HSE Manager at Tecnopress, to delve deeper into the company’s journey towards UNI ISO 45001 certification.

ISO 45001 as the culmination of an already consolidated safety path

Tecnopress decided to pursue UNI ISO 45001 certification as a natural step in its evolution. As Alessandro recounts, the company was already close to meeting the required standards thanks to continuous innovation efforts undertaken in recent years.

Formalizing the occupational health and safety management system through certification was a proposal that was immediately accepted, as the company saw this step as a logical continuation of the work already done.

The certification process

The certification process developed through several phases.

Initially, a gap analysis was conducted against the 45001 standard. Subsequently, an action plan was defined, and key figures were identified to be involved in drafting the manual. Milestones were then established for the implementation of the system and verification steps. The company decided to carry out the 45001 certification alongside the 14001 certification, adhering to well-defined timelines for both.

Alessandro explains that the company did not encounter particular difficulties during the certification process. This indicates the preparedness and involvement of all personnel, which made the journey smoother and free of significant obstacles.

Tecnopress operators reacted positively to the introduction of new health and safety standards. Everyone was very cooperative, actively participating through field interviews and audits across all three work shifts. The path towards the new standard is still ongoing, but all members of the organization are aligned and moving in the right direction.

The benefits of certification

The main benefits observed after obtaining certification, Alessandro explains, include maintaining extremely low injury rates, an aspect that already characterized Tecnopress due to its meticulous compliance with safety regulations, and an improvement in corporate reputation.

In particular, for clients in the automotive sector, the certification represents an important evaluation factor that increases the company’s score and facilitates collaboration.

Compliance with UNI ISO 45001 standards is maintained and monitored through an annual renewal with periodic control systems that allow our company to self-monitor and ensure continuous compliance with the standards.

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